The Network

Abosom is a truy decentralised network with NO arbritray or pre-determined team, all decisions for the benefit of the network will be made by the masternode governance system. All features of abosom will be improved using this system including the governance system itself. Abosom will allow for peer to peer payments and be a serious store of value from day 1.

Abosom is fully proof of stake which means that 0 value leaves the network to pay external miners.

Features of the Network

Innovative Economics

Between the 100% premine, the 75% budget allocation and the unique burn addresses. Abosom has an economic incentive model unlike ANYTHING crypto has ever seen before. This is reflected in its unique block explorer.

Masternode governance

Anyone can put in a proposal for 5 ABS and ask to be paid for absolutely anything, this could lead to business funding or Abosom investing in other crypto held via custodians. Check out current proposals at (Coming soon)


Privacy is pivotal to ALL blockchain projects, Abosom was born with CoinJoin and as a community we will find the next step in the evolution of financial soverignty.

Proof of Stake

Abosom is full proof of stake which means only holders of ABS can secure the network, this is both more environmentally friendly and it makes more economic sense not to outsource network security.

Coin Specifics

Basics RoadMap

Abosom and its economic model mean that it should never become a Shitcoin. However if Abosom ever does become a Shitcoin it aims to be a complete and full featured Shitcoin.

Abosom will self fund the development of all of these resources.

The items on this shit coin roadmap should be complete within 6 months to 1 year of our network launching. However item 5 may not be possible due to the extortionate nature of listing fees.

This list should be used as an important gauge of the projects progress.

Abosom Assets RoadMap

The key differentiating feature between Abosom and most other crypto currencies will be in the unique push towards asset ownership. Abosom itself aims to own a number of assets for 2 main reasons to allow Abosom holders to get discounts and free gifts and services, but also more importantly to allow Abosom to capture some of that value by using simple Buyback burn techniques.

The asset ownership roadmap should be considered the true Abosom economy roadmap and will build real and compelling use cases that should produce reasons to spend, buy and HODL Abosom.

Here are the checkpoints for the Abosom Asset Ownership Roadmap

Payment processor


Simple plug-in will be needed for online merchants, these should be free, but charge a small fee per transaction. Abosom also would like a stake in a full payment processor business This does not need to be limited to Abosom only, but other crypto currencies also.



Interoperability is a key component in all tech, and crypto is no different Abosom should have a stake in a few strong centralised exchanges, as well as having at least 1 decentralised exchange of its own.

Fiat gateways


This would be difficult to pull off in a decentralised way because of all the legal implications, however Abosom does aim to own stakes in leading P2P platforms and could launch a P2P platform of it’s own.

P2P lending


One of the biggest untapped opportunities within crypto is the lending industry. The opportunity for multiple people to easily fund loans in a crowdfunding style could easily lead to rapid growth in developing nations and small to medium sized businesses. There have been efforts to sustain crypto lending platforms but none have survived bureaucracy.

Education portal


Education and blockchain are built for each other, there have been some interesting papers and efforts to build decentralised education. Abosom will invest in and possibly build its own.

Itunes (media Store)


Abosom plans to launch an iTunes style platform or invest in one which will allow anyone to upload their audio and allow people to purchase it, or listen for free with added adverts.

Netflix (media store)


Similar to Audio, Abosom aims to build or invest in a Video library for content creators, this will likely use IPFS or Tahoe Laffs. It will allow anyone to publish and will feature community lead censorship

Kick starter


Abosom aims to build a crowd funding platform. Many of the other points on this roadmap may be funded through this platform.

property development


Investment in property is very lucrative and lends itself well to being funded by Abosom. People will be able to show property, suggest prices and then manage the development.

Media Company


This is the concept case and initial argument for Abosom owning any form of enterprise. If we equate Abosom to a state and consider that a state may own media outlets and organisations. Abosom will be far less nefarious as Abosom does not forbid competition.


Please download our whitepaper, it contains all the vital information about the Abosom Network. To contribute to the whitepaper please join our discord.

If you wish to learn more about Abosom, Please join our vibrant and diverse community in Discord. Just click the button. We're looking forward to meeting you!