About Abosom

Abosom new earth is a community of men and women of like nature who are desperately evolved into transforming this world into a more habitable and accommodative ecosystem where everyone in it has a future and matters. Owing from the that the earth has gone through various stages in evolution and transformation such as the agricultural age, the industrial age and more importantly now the A.I. and Technology age (Information). Abosom new age has come to introduce a new age, the fifth age, known as the wisdom age..

In Abosom, every continent, region, sub-regions, country, state, cities of the earth shall be alphabetically listed to enable your identification and also to choose where you want to own your homes, offices, shops, stores, companies, hotels, and other business as the case may be. However, everything shall be allotted based on the location. Although, there shall be room to own anything of your choice in any country or location of your desire. But you shall be admitted first from your country.

Our Vision


The Vision: Securing the future of mankind through technology, entrepreneurship, professionalism and quality leadership.

Our primary vison is to transform and change the world, making it a better place for all to live and to find purpose and fulfilment. This is encoded in the desire to see all mankind flourish within their respective ecosystem and to succeed in all endeavors.

Our Objective

To create a gateway to living the future. To bring automated revolution. To create a visual link through transponder technology that will bring the most valued personalities together to bring the most desired future.

This objective has given rise to the foregoing Core Values.

- Integrity - Trust - Professionalism - Ethics - Simplicity - Loyalty

Our Mission

To use Technology through transponder visual, innovative softwares and hardwares to bring a visual link for most valued people..

Meet the Top Execs

  • Founder, CEO RAYEI.
  • President
  • Director, HR
  • Director, Finance