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  • Meet our Idea Hub: The one place for all your solution ideas

Meet our Idea Hub

At Abosom, our idea hub is an ecosystem created by highly trained professionals with a flair for excellence and having a collective experience of many years in various industries. It is a quorum specially designed as a think-tank- group to formulate and device new and more effective ways of getting things done. It provides members with the top notch experience and encounter with excellent and highly innovative minds that can spontaneously think out of the box and provide amazing solutions, ideas , innovations and technologies that can only but better the new earth agenda.

A restless team of creative minds who possess the skill and passion to excel in delivering a world-class experience, taking pride in surpassing stakeholder expectations. Our core strength lies in the ability to understand and interpret stakeholder needs and customize solutions to achieve brand visibility.

Not all our partners and members find things easy and not all ideas evidently come to fruition, hence choosing the right ideas that make the difference is arguably the single most important step in the decision making process which is why we provide our members and partners the forum where they can find these innovative ideas on the go. At Abosom Idea Hub, members and partners work together with us each step of the way, providing turnkey solutions for a wide range of services and deliverables.


We strive to be creative by transforming your ideas and imagination into reality. Through our passion and commitment to create something new we deliver and immersive experiences for our audience.


We have harnessed our learnings from all our partners with over 10 years of collective experience and have turned it into our strength, always expecting the unexpected.

Turnkey Solutions

We take a holistic approach and provide solutions that encompass the entire range of deliverables, from receiving the initial brief to the final delivery of the event.

Honesty & Ethics

Transparency across the board has enabled us to forge lasting relationships with our members and partners, working as partners for the best possible outcomes.