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What We Do

- Trade & Investment

At Abosom, we provide our registered members and partners the opportunity to engage in transforming investment programmes designed to improve your livelihood and increase your income, This program allows members to interact with real ivestors who are scanning and searching for potentially viable investment chances where they can throw in there funds in order to make a difference. This avenues are usually made open during our interactive Investors Forums organized to bring both investors and members together in a sit-down

- Global Business Partnership

Abosom also provides strategic business partnership across various countries of the globe by integrating members from around the world into one business ecosystem where our partnerships helps forge a bond unbreakable and offers a platform where members interact, share and innovate new networks just to boost there businesses and income. With events and conferences organized to bring different business intellectuals together to help bolster our business knowledge base and create opportunities for improved business skills and administration, giving rise to transformation and increase.

At Abosom, our primary objective in working with our community is to enhance and improve all round livelihood for everyone registered on the new earth initiative , thus making the whole world a better place very much for all to live in.

- Technology Transfers

Our Tech Summits has proven to be much more than a summitbut much rather a convolution of technologydriven technocrats and innovators who collaborate and share resources in providing the much needed technological advancement that will resound through many generations. This event is graced by tech giants such Google, Microsoft, Amazon, Apple, Smasung and many more.

- Funding / Sponsorship

We provide project funding and sposorship for grants and project capital needed to facilitate or embark on realistic and viable projects through our vibrant partners community which are committed to enabling members with uniquely amazing ideas find and obtain possible funds needed to power and run their various projects to execution.This is one of the prime benefits of being a part of the Abosom world, a community of intellects connected together to transform our society.

- Ideas Hub

Our world-class idea hub enables us to provide our membership community a vast resources of inoovative ideas that can be transformed into innovations and development so much as would attract potential investors to offer financial assistance and funding. Our community of idea innovators are a pool of the cream-de-la-cream in almost every field of endeavor, thus positioning their innovations to be pioneering and engaging.

- Conferences, Events and Summits

We Meet, network and interact with the very best their is in all fields of endeavors as we open the cirtains to a global community of partners and members who are well competent in their respective endeavors. Our conferences not only provide enlightenment but also occassions where we inform and train our members on the best practices much needed in their pursuit as we engage in transformational revolution.

Featured Events

Technology Summits.
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