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  • Event : Abosom Trade and Investment Forum
  • Date : ATIF 2024
  • Date : Coming soon

Abosom Trade and Investment Forum

The financing of international trade has long been the preserve of banks. But the democratising of investment in trade assets is closer than ever. Our platform allows bankers, lawyers and fin-tech partners to combine their expertise and draw on experience from both the capital and trade finance markets to make things happen. There is now a clear realization, recognition and demand for opening up the trade financing ecosystem in order to narrow the trade finance gap to support global supply chains, particularly in emerging markets. In the post-banking crisis era, there is growing interest from our partners who are non-bank investors for new low-risk, short-term assets providing respectable yields. And as banks expect technology to increase the level of automation of trade finance distribution and start distributing open account transactions - such as unconfirmed receivables and approved payables - transaction volumes will surge. However, apart from through banks – which are largely not always able to meet global demand because of regulatory bank capital and balance-sheet restrictions, our pool of partners who are low-risk high yield investors are available to boost small, medium scale enterprises and investment with a definition to improve standards and open up a wide range of funding for our esteemed members and partners.

The new Abosom Trade and Investment Forum (ATIF2024) will examine the potential to create an ecosystem and enable a framework to facilitate access to trade finance by advancing the evolution of trade finance as an asset class for investors.

Join asset managers, insurers, pension funds, trade finance banks, fintechs ,family office, sovereign wealth funds and all those interested in alternative investment with risk/return profiles that align with the character of trade finance portfolios. Considering the anticipated growth in world trade, it is expected that the requirement for trade financing will increase substantially. Therefore, our partners are increasingly valuing the option to originate and distribute trade finance assets and to participate within more diverse solutions. ATIF2024 will examine these prospects with top speakers and provide excellent networking opportunities. Come along and be part of this new, exciting initiative which looks at realistic methods of closing the trade finance gap by establishing a wider market for trade assets.

The Abosom Trade and Investment Forum is a multi-stakeholder, multi-disciplinary platform that advances projects to bankable stages, raises capital, and accelerates deals to financial closure. Its vision is to channel capital towards critical sectors to achieve the new earth objective. This project will mobilize a large amount of financial resources and make them available to registered members of the Abosom new earth to boost their financial independence and creativity. It will be an annual three (3) days market event which will bring together both investors and competent contributors together including heads of businesses and government leaders to advance critical investment transactions to closure.